Hi Sue,
Below is my little thank you. Hope it helps with your business. I mean every word of it and thank you again for such a great job!!
I just want to thank Sue, Vivian, and Terri at Organizing Life Services for a job well done. With the untimely death of my sister, I was left with the daunting task of clearing her home of it’s contents. From the time I contacted Organizing Life Services until the completion of the estate sale, I received excellent, professional service. I was kept informed throughout the process and was treated with kindness and respect. They even cleared out the home, boxed all the left over items (not that there was many!), and organized them in the garage so I could donate the remainder to charity. I would not hesitate to recommend Organizing Life Services to anyone in need of their services. Thank you again ladies for all your help!!

Sophia (July 2017)


I have been attending Sue’s, Organizing Life Services, for more than 6 years. They do a wonderful job for people in need of this service. Sue has been helpful in finding quality movers for small jobs around the area. If you are in looking for a company to help you liquidate your home or a family member I would recommend you giving Sue a call. If your looking for quality Estate Sales while in the Clearwater and surrounding area look for there ads and attend.

-Ceil (November 2017)

A great experience, simplified our lives. You won’t be disappointed.

-Jaye (October 2017)

I used Sue and her crew for a moving sale and it was fantastic. They really work hard putting it all together and pricing items fairly. We were able to get rid of nearly everything! Really well organized and a ton of people come to her sales!
-Ursula (October 2017)

I went through a couple of estate sale companies to liquidate my fathers estate and have to say I couldn’t have been happier with the service this company provided. Sue, the owner was diligent in her pricing and easy to work with. Her constant communication during the process really made me feel like they were truly vested in doing the best job possible. She priced things fairly but didn’t give everything away and there wasn’t much left in the house at the end. Organizing life also was instrumental in the selling of a few vehicles INCLUDING a very hard to sell RV at a very fair price for everyone. To the ladies of Organizing Life Services I thank you for your effort and professionalism.

-John (October 2017)

I was extremely pleased with their professionalism, honesty, responsiveness, constant communication of updating information and very satisfied with the money made from the sale. I highly recommend Sue from Organizing life to handle all your Estate sale needs.

-Angie’s List Customer (August 2017)

Organizing life services handled every detail of my Estate sale in Tarpon Springs Florida with the utmost professionalism, quick responsiveness, honesty and integrity, constant communication on the progress of the sale and they were a total pleasure to work with.

-Paul (August 2017)

My husband and I just sold our home in Oldsmar, Florida fully furnished. However, the buyer decided that other than for a few items she did not want all the furnishings and we were left with the onerous task of clearing out the home. I had met Sue and Vivian several times over the years at Estates Sales and thought that they might be able to help us. I contacted Sue and she took over this worrisome issue. What a wonderful, stress free experience; with no work on our part. Sue and her team sold all the items in one day and ensured that the home was swept out and put in excellent condition for the walk though by the buyer. Sue and her team are highly professional and will work with you to provide a worthwhile service. I highly recommend Organizing Life Services Estate Sales to anyone looking to downsize or clear out their homes’ furnishings.

-Brenda (August 2017)

Brilliantly. I called upon Organizing Life Services to sell everything I owned and empty my home prior to listing it for sale. It was a daunting task. Sue and Vivian came in, assessed the situation completely, my furniture, kitchen, jewelry, clothes, patio all the junk drawers. They even took into consideration my HOA and the parking logistics for the sale days. Everything was priced, organized and displayed. I was very impressed in the following of buyers this team has developed. Hundreds came to my sale and everything of value was sold. The bits left were happily donated. My place was left neat and I was very happy with the final proceeds of the sale. I couldn’t have come close to making that $$ on my own. I highly recommend this service for anyone wanting to maximize turning possessions into ca$h.

-Angie’s List Customer (April 2017)

My Estate Sale was amazing 3 day event success. I highly recommend the services of Vivian and Sue of Organizing Life Services.

They have a loyal following of buyers and they brought hundreds of people to shop my sale. They arranged all the stuff ,clothes, furniture, art work, patio furniture, jewelry ,tools EVERYTHING-all priced to maximize my profits. They took care of everything, parking, signage, loading cars and security before, during and after the sale. Three days and it all sold. The bits left over are a welcome donation to a local church.

I am very happy with the final results and my net proceeds. Great job SUE!

-Candace (March 2017)

Vivian and Sue, owners of Organizing Life Services, LLC, are amazingly efficient and get results. We needed a service to help with selling a house and garage full of furniture, personal items, etc. Like most people we had never had an estate sale so I shopped around. When I visited several estate sales Vivian and Sue conducted I couldn’t believe how many people they attracted, the houses were full of shoppers and they were buying! 

Next I met with them, and they answered my questions thoroughly and I became convince they could be trusted with properly pricing and selling all our accumulated treasures, so I signed up and turned it all over to them. While I was tempted to second guess them I relied on their expansive experience and they were right every time. 

They sold things that were difficult to market, largely because they have an expansive network of contacts in addition to thousands on their email list. 

In the end, they exceeded our expectations in terms of professionalism, and the overall net dollars to us were above what we expected. Finally, they had a team of pro’s pick up the few things (odds and ends, a few outdated and hard to sell furniture items) that did not sell, and by the end of the day we were completely cleaned up and ready to show and sell our home. 

As a Business Coach and 40 plus year Business Development Consultant, I love the business model they have developed and heartily recommend them to anyone who needs their services. They will get the job done and can be trusted completely! 

John (Jan 2017)

Organizing Life Services operated an Estate Sale for me when I downsized my household. They were professional ,helpful,and efficient. It was a relief to have Vivian and Sue take care of all the miscellaneous items I did not want to move to the new house. They organized my very disorganized belongings, and almost completely sold out in two days. 

I would highly recommend Organizing Life Services for others to simplify their move to a new home.


Barbara ( Jan 2017)

To whom it may concern,

I had the privilege of working with Vivian and Sue of Organizing Life Services Estate Sales after the passing of my mother. Throughout this difficult time ,it was comforting to know that they had things under control with my moms belongings and her house in general.

My first contact with Organizing Life Services Estate Sales was through an e-mail inquiry,and I promptly received a reply promising a phone call the next day. As stated ,I received a call the next day,and a meeting was scheduled to assess the situation.Vivian and Sue met with me on several occasions to determine the best course of action and were always flexible with my demanding schedule. Any equations regarding the process of their work were answered clearly and promptly,affording me the utmost comfort and trust in their abilities. 

When the time came for Vivian and Sue to begin their work, I was updated as to their progress and their valuation of the estate was spot on. They sorted through countless boxes, organized, prepared, and conducted the sale in an efficient and thorough manner. In addition, they removed all items as we had agreed upon and left the house spotless in preparation for listing! Not only am I confident that they garnered the best possible price, but their promptness in documentation and delivery of the proceeds was impressive as well.

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Organizing Life Services Estate Sales for estate work, sales in general ,or in the valuation of specific items. My moms estate was a massive undertaking, and they didn’t balk at the opportunity to help me tackle the job. They truly went above and beyond to insure prompt communication with me, attention to detail, and treated me with compassion and kindness throughout a difficult time.

Best Regards 

Tisha (Jan 2017)

Vivian and Sue,

Thank you so much for your care and compassion in conducting the Estate Sale of my mothers belongings. It was a very difficult time for me and my brother. Clean out crew also did a fabulous job. Thank you and will be recommending your services!

Joy (September 2016)

Sue and Vivian,

WOW! What a job by this company. Honest and compassionate. Thank you both for an awesome job. I now have a better understanding of how much is involved in a successful Estate Sale. Both of you were a pleasure and mom was thrilled. You made us more money than expected. We made the right choice.

Donna (June 2016)

Vivian and Sue,

Moving and downsizing is never easy. Organizing Life Services was a Godsend to us with our Estate Sale in March . Kudos to Vivian and Sue for staging, pricing , selling and helping in the downsizing process. They were professional, available for questions and always helpful. A cleanup crew also came in after the sale and did a great job. They left the house in great shape for the new owners. We were very pleased with Organizing Life Services and will definitely recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

Elaine and Dennis (March 2016)

Vivian and Sue,

Thank you so much for all your efforts and coordination of the Estate Sale.  I know it was a big job.  I heard from the neighbors that the sale was well attended.  Many were impressed with the huge turnout. We are too! We especially appreciate you going above the contract in removing the garbage from the premises. You have given us one less thing to do when we come back in January. THANK YOU!!

It has been pleasure working with you on the sale.  We are pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend your services to prospective customers.

Chung (December 2015)

Dear Vivian and Sue,

Thank you so much for helping me with the sale of my Mom’s estate. This is a very difficult time for me. I worked directly with Vivian and she was professional and compassionate. I would recommend them highly. The house was left in excellent condition. Thank you Organizing Life Services. I feel like I made a friend in Vivian.

Jo-Ann Annunziata (Sept 2015)

Dear Vivian and Sue,

Thank you both for your efficient and outstanding service. Our estate sale was a big success due to you and your team.
We would highly recommend Organizing Life Services to anyone that wants to make their move easier. NO WORRIES, NO HASSLES!!!!!!! The clean up crew was great too.

All the Best,
Carole Ann and Dieter ( Aug 2015)

Dear Vivian and Sue ,

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you and your crew did at my Estate Sale. I was so pleased with the way you cleaned up afterwards. I could NEVER have done it without your wonderful services.

Thank you again

Helen Bacon (Aug 2015)

“When it came time recently to move my Mother, Clearwater resident into a senior facility, I was referred to Vivian and Sue at Organizing Life Services. They helped us through the process of selling furniture and other estate items that our family could not use. From the very first call they were friendly, gracious and highly professional. Given that I live over a thousand miles away in CT, it was very comforting to know that they were always reachable, filled extremely experienced advice and took a real interest in our well being.”

Warren Tuttle (May 2015)

I had a Downsizing Sale that was far beyond my expectations. Organizing Life Services conducted the complete reduction of my belongings in a three day sale that was performed exceptionally well. I received my money promptly and the house was left as clean as could be after the sale. I would definitely recommend if you have a need for household inventory reduction contact Vivian and Sue. You will be more than happy with the results.

Bill Hickson ( April 2015)

Dear Vivian and Sue:

I appreciate Organizing Life Services being very detailed, punctual and doing an outstanding job of selling all of the items I had up for sale. If items were not sold, arrangements were made for them to be purchased or donated to charity. They were up front on pricing of items and knew what to ask for each item. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the total sale amount exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your services to anyone wanting to downsize or need to have an estate sale.

Thanks so much for everything

Rich Revis (May 2015)

To Whom it may concern,

I would highly recommend Sue and Vivian from Organizing Life Services. They cleaned out my parents house and gave me a check for doing it, and it was done in a weekend.

T.C. Reynolds (Dec 2014)

Thank you very much for handling the estate sales at my parent’s house in Port Richie. My wife and I are extremely pleased with how everything turned out. We were also surprised and happy that the sale brought in more money than expected. I visited the house after the sale and I must tell you I was extremely happy with how clean and tidy he house was. Please except my sincere gratitude and please thank your support team for a job well done.

Bruce K ( Oct 2014)

Vivian, Here goes:

Thanks Organizing Life Services, LCC for your highly efficient, effective and profitable results. If you want honest, professional estate sale services with a heart – call Vivian Heckman and Sue Porter now!


Paula Floria (Nov 2014)

Thank you, Sue and Vivian, for managing our downsizing sale, and for all you did to clear our home.

As a single working mother in the process of relocating her family, the task of clearing out 22 years of excess furniture and belongings from our home seemed daunting.  We literally were able to move out the furniture and belongings which were going to our new (leaner) home, and leave everything else behind.  I was amazed to come back to the house after the sale and find everything but reserve items gone.  And when I wasn’t able to find a consignment shop to take the last piece of furniture, you found someone who was able to come (on a Sunday, nonetheless!) to remove the furniture before the closing on the house sale.  Thank you, again.  I don’t know how I would have managed this move without your help!

Carol (May 2014)

Vivian and Sue,

I really appreciate all your teams efforts in helping to clear out my Mother’s home – I guess it was harder on me than I thought it would be –  I truly thank you ever so much for all you did to help during this very difficult time in my life – thank you again and I would highly recommend you and your team in the future – actually we are looking at relocating my grandmother in the near future so if I can reach out to you also when we need to sell off her remaining items – that would be great.

Kathy (May 2014)

Dear Sue and Vivian ,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our mom Louise Estate Sale . Sue you come in like a breath of fresh air that very first day! You always had a positive attitude , Vivian as well, and helped us all the way! We will definitely recommend you to everyone . Love the website too. Best wishes for continued success.

Donna and Gary M ( April 2014)     THANK YOU

Vivian and Sue,

Just a note to thank you for all your help in organizing and completing the Estate Sale for me. You were patient, professional, and gave me excellent advise regarding every aspect of the Estate Sale process. You made a very difficult process (it was my friends house and his belongings) easy.

You exceeded my expectations.

Thank you,

Gerry(April 2014)

Vivian and Sue,

I just wanted to thank you for returning the money I lost at your recent estate sale in Oak Hill Acres.

I can’t believe my neighbor saw someone pick up the money that had fallen out of my pocket when I pulled out my cell phone and strongly encouraged that individual to turn it in.

I had honestly given up hope of  having it returned, but just took a chance the next day and came back to ask if anyone had found my money.   Lo and behold, you had it.

My sincere thanks to you and Suzanne for seeing that it was returned.  You all have proven there is still a lot of goddness in people.

Thank you,

Gemma (March 2014)

Vivian and Sue,

We want to thank you very much for how efficiently you carried out our estate  sale.  We are very pleased with your work and would recommend you highly.

thanks again

 Peg Bellomo (Aug 2013)

Dear Vivian and Sue,

Thank you for handling my mother’s recent Estate Sale. As someone who is taking care of a child and has a full time job, it was a relief to have someone come in and organize the sale from start to finish. We received an offer on her home while you were preparing for the sale, so it was an added blessing to know the house would be emptied in time for the closing.

You were referred to me by a coworker, and I hope to pay it forward and recommend your services to someone in the future. Many thanks to Organizing Life Services for a job well done!


Beth Patterson (May 2013)

Thank you to Sue and Vivian and the Organizing Life Services crew for putting together an Estate Sale for my dad on such short notice. There’s no way we could have done it on our own . Thanks for making the sale a sucess and leaving his house clean and ready for the new owner.


Teala and Matt Green (Aug 2013)

Dear Vivian and Sue,

I had to write to thank you again for liquidating my mother’s house. The thought of clearing a four bedroom home in Florida with over 34 years of accumulation when I lived in New Hampshire was keeping me awake at night with anxiety. I had been dreading this day for years, and once the house sold, I had a two week leave from work to come down and clear it out.

I do not know what I would have done without you. I wouldn’t have even known where to begin. You both came in and were so friendly, kind and supportive I felt better right away. Then you held an estate sale and completely cleared the house in a week! I still don’t know how you did it. You made what seemed impossible so effortless and easy. My husband and I even attended a state park during the sale! We had no worries.

We could not believe the house was completely empty, cleaned by your cleaning staff, and ready for the closing. We didn’t have to do a thing. We couldn’t believe it and we still can’t! I honestly don’t know what I ever would have done without your help. I could not have done this alone. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who might require your help.

Thank you again,
Cynthia Campenella (Feb 2013)


I am pleased to provide this letter of appreciation and recommendation. Hopefully others will be able to experience your dedication to your business and the interity you maintain while doing so. If I can be of any further help in the future, please ask.  I see in the “field”


Steve (March 2013)

Vivian and Sue,

Your moniker should be “The Dynamic Duo.”
I’m so grateful for the job you did organizing the estate sale at my late mother’s house last month. I was dreading the thought of having to sift through, throw out, donate and/or sell decades worth of stuff, but I didn’t have to go through a single drawer or closet, worry about how to price things, or wrestle with the leftovers. You did it all!

Thanks again! Joe Slomka (March 2013)

Dear Vivian and Sue,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all that both you, Sue and your team did to make my Estate sale a success.  With all that has happened in the past 6 months with me ,your work to prepare, sell and empty my home was a blessing.  Your team worked hard to set up, prepare pricing and clean up all litter after the sale.  This left my home clean and viewable for possible home buyers.

Monday after the sale carpet was laid in the bedrooms and the carpet people admired how the house was left and told my neighbors they were impressed how thorough everything was done.

With that being said, I’d like to thank you and your team for a job well done.  My neighbors have your number in case they are ever in a situation where an Estate Sale is necessary.

If anyone wishes to contact me as a reference please feel free to give them my number.


Judith Connell-Quinones (April 2013)

Vivian and Sue,

I just want to thank Sue and Vivian at Organizing Life Services for a job well done! With the untimely death of my sister,I was left with the daunting task of clearing her home of its contents. From the time I contacted Organizing Life Services until the completion of the Estate Sale, I received excellent, professional service. I was kept informed throughout the process and was treated with kindness and respect. They even cleared out the home,boxed all the left over items(not that there were many at all) and organized them in the garage so I could donate or keep the remainder. I would not hesitate to recommend Organizing Life Services to anyone in need of their services. Thank you again ladies for all your help!

Sherri (July 2012)

Dear Vivian and Sue

I wanted to take a moment to tell you that Lee and I could not have been happier with the thorough, professional and yet personal touch Organizing Life Services provided us during our downsizing sale and subsequent move.

We were apprehensive at the enormity of the task to figure out what we did not need, the protracted timing and more importantly trying to assess the value of so many things we had assumed a value to.

Your individual concern and appreciation for our anxiety was the basis for how smooth we feel the transition and move turned out. Not to mention the kudos by the property manager for “leaving the property so nice” as evidence to your post sale cleaning services.

I can honestly say that in the experience of over 20 lifetime military and civilian moves, having OLS help was by far the best experience I have had.

OLS is undoubtedly a complete service and I would unhesitatingly recommend your services to those interested in having a professional yet personal touch to what I will call a full service, pre to post, estate or downsizing sale and move.


Ron Urrutia (Dec 2012)

Vivian and Sue,

RE:  Organizing Life Services, LLC

If you find yourself in the challenging position of having to sell a loved one’s home because they are not able to handle such a task on their own, I highly recommend contacting Vivian Heckman and Sue Porter of Organizing Life Services to handle the disposition of the home’s contents.

My brother and I live in NY and my dad was not able to handle a move from FL to NY which was necessary due to his health condition.  We barely had time to handle the sale of his home, but were concerned about what to do with the furniture and other belongings that would not be coming to NY.  Vivian and Sue took care of it all.  I left them the key to dad’s house and didn’t have to worry about anything.  They handled the estate sale and donated whatever items were not sold.  They provided me with a full accounting of the sale and any donations, along with a check for dad’s belongings.  I had total peace of mind knowing they were managing this very emotional task.  They are extremely professional, and more importantly, kind and caring people who made a difficult time a little less so.

I highly recommend Organizing Life Services.  They gave my family a sense of calm while everything else seemed to be turning upside down. I will be grateful forever for their services.


Nancy Cangelose (Oct 2012)

Sue and Vivian,

Vivian and Sue of Organizing Life Services, LLC handled a very difficult Estate Sale for me in early Dec. 2012. They did a wonderful , professional job and were a pleasure to do business with throughout. I highly recommend them.

Dorothy Reed (Dec. 2012)

Sue and Vivian ,

To whom it may concern:

In Oct 22, I began assisting my 89 year old friend in moving from her duplex into an Assisted Living Facility. My friend had lived in both sides of a duplex by herself for several years. The duplex cosisted of 4 bedrooms, two baths, two long hall ways, two living rooms, 2 dining rooms and 2 litchens. It would have been difficult even for a young person to take care of an older home this size.

Vivian and Sue of Organizing Life Services ,LLC, came highly recommended and took control immediately. I cannot begin to tell you how much easier they made my life and how grateful I am to them. I do not hesitate to recommend them and would definitely use them again if needed.

Brenda Petty (Oct 2012)

Vivian and Sue,

To anyone considering having an Estate Sale : My dad passed away this past July and I was left with his 2 bdr home full of furniture ,household items ,etc. etc. in the home to deal with. To say I was overwhelmed is quite an understatement. So I was told by a friend to call Vivian with ” Organizing Life Services LLC ” and she and her business partner Sue took control of all my worries as far as organizing the sale of my parents household contents. They did just what they said they would do with their 3 day Estate Sale and much,much more! The sale is over and I can concentrate on selling my house now and finally have closure in my life, thanks to Vivian ,Sue and their staff. What was so special to me,was how compassionate they both were to help me get thru this ordeal of selling the contents of my home in just 3 days and now I can concentrate on selling my home and having closure in my life! Thus, I would highly recommend Sue and Vivian (Organizing Life Services LLC) to handle your next Estate Sale!

Brenda Gress  (Nov. 2012)

Vivian and Sue,

Let me thank you, Sue, and the entire OLS staff from the bottom of my heart for assistance with the liquidation sale of my Aunt’s possessions.  You and OLS provided an invaluable service to my family and myself, relieving us from what would have been a long, tiring process in trying to clean out my Aunt’s home.  From the first time you walked thru the door and saw what we had been thru, and were dealing with, you provided assurances that “It isn’t as bad as it looks”, and “OLS can easily handle this, and hold the sale in two weeks….”.  As you know, we had previously been told by another company that it was so bad, they wanted a flat rate to start with, that would have taken virtually all of the proceeds.

And the services you provided – unbelievable.  First – we did not have to be there or do any set-up, which was awesome since we are all out of state.  You handled it all.  Second, you handled other things we needed to get done, such as a permit inspection for the air conditioner, having the dumpster we were using removed,  and opening the house for potential buyers.  You even sent  my Mom a package of stuff she had left at the house when we turned it over to you.  Third, but not last, you offered to hand out brochures during your sale to prospective home buyers, and even handled the copying of the brochures after you received in email.

And the results –  I went down to the house about a month after the sale – and every room was cleaned out, swept out, and all donations made – just like you said it would be done!!!!  And I received 4 offers on the house, and we are in the process of closing on that one at this time!!!

In summary – Vivian, you and OLS earned your money on this one!!!  You far exceeded our expectations of what to expect, and what we expected we would have to do to get the house marketable.  YOU DID IT ALL!!!!!  I can’t thank you enough for what you did, your compassion to the family and myself as we went thru this, and the “extra’s” you did to handle things for us since we were out of town.  It was a pleasure and an honor to work to work with you and your team.  Your professionalism, your dedication, and your compassion to us, and others as your clients is truly a rare find in today’s world!!!!  Again, I am so fortunate to have found OLS, and so thankful to you and your team for all you have done!

Please feel free to use me as a reference any time – as I will make  time to ensure others are aware of what you can deliver.


Fred Jakobsen and family (2012)

Vivian and Sue-
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done in handling my mother’s estate sale.  With my sisters and I living in New York and my mom not up to the task of handling the rigors of an estate sale, we were fortunate to find a team of local professionals who could handle this demanding job on our behalf.  In addition to conducting a successful sale over the course of a couple of days, it was obvious to me that your planning effort along with your huge following of estate sale shoppers were key to a successful event.  You both went above and beyond the basic requirements of an estate sale and made a sincere effort to get to know my mom personally, to shield her from the day-to-day  demands and emotional ties often associated with planning your own estate sale, and to assist her in lining up additional services i.e. painters, realtors and carpet cleaning that were required to complete the job.   Thank you again for all the work you performed on behalf of my family and your company “Organizing Life Services” has our ringing endorsement.  

Best Regards-  

Rachele and Andrea and Peter

Estate Sale Clearwater“As a Realtor for Coldwell Banker in times of uncertainty, it is important to be able to assist my clients to make their lives easier. I have been able to recommend OLS to help real people through tough times. Whatever the situation, this company has been able to get the most money for loved possessions while treating the client’s home with respect. They offer personal service with not only the sale of home contents, but also assistance with downsizing, cleaning of the home, painting and carpet cleaning to make it market ready.”

-Sharon Cantin ~ Realtor

“Living in Florida it is sometimes very difficult to find a business that is both professional and responsible.  I have been fortunate to have found Organizing Life Services to help me with different types of work that I need done for my home.  Sue and Vivian have been able to provide me with organizing, cleaning and various other types of work needed for myself and other family members.  They are CARING, HONEST, PUNCTUAL, EFFICIENT and REASONABLE in their fees.  No job seems to be too big or too small!  I highly recommend them for all your needs!”

-Lonetta ~ Client

Estate Sale Palm Harbor“Sue and Vivian were helpful with a move for my family helping us downsize to a smaller location. I have full faith and trust in them to handle all types of work I need done.”

-Alice ~ Client

“Organizing Life Services is a trustworthy and professional company that has gone above and beyond for me. With their reliable reputation, I can recommend OLS with confidence. I know that their clients’ needs come first.”

-Kim Nashed ~ Realtor

Estate Sale Palm Harbor“Dear Vivian,
During a very difficult/emotional time with the passing of my dear Aunt in Florida, I truly believe that you and Sue were angels that appeared to lend me a hand in my time of need. There is no way I could have handled the enormous job you accomplished!
My Aunt’s affairs were overwhelming and you lifted an enormous weight off my mind taking care of her possessions.
We appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and compassion throughout, as you also went out of your way (twice) to mail to me in New York items we didn’t find/see at the time we left Florida. We thank you so very much.
It has been such a pleasure meeting you both and having you handle the estate sale.
We thank you once again for everything. Hope to keep in touch.
I know my Aunt is pleased.”
Sophie Dolce

Estate Sale Clearwater“Organizing Life Services enabled our family to not only remove all the belongings from my parent’s home but put a closure on years of memories.  I live in Maine, my brother in Philadelphia and my parents resided in Palm Harbor, Florida.  In 2006, I lost my mother and in July of 2011, my father passed away.   I was lucky enough to cross paths with Vivian and Sue, founders of Organizing Life Services.  With their help, we were able to put a price tag on the materialistic items which neither my brother nor I wanted to ship to our homes and move everything else out.  The items which did not sell in the Estate Sale were then donated to a charity we selected.  Having trusted both Sue and Vivian with the key to my parent’s home, we were able to keep tabs on what was going on inside of the house yet I was so many miles away.  Even after I left Florida, Vivian talked to me on the phone as she walked from room to room and I was able to ask questions about what was there, and what else I might want to ship home.  Sue and Vivian gave me a 2nd chance at taking another ‘look’ around my parents home (virtually) so I would not, and do not, have any regrets.  The passing of a loved one is never easy, especially if you are not close in proximity.  However, Organizing Life Services gave me a peace of mind and for that I am forever grateful.

If you are either not able to be on site to take care of an Estate Sale or do not have the time to take care of all of the details, I would highly recommend contacting either Vivian Heckman or Sue Porter as their efforts and expertise will bring organization and peace of mind to a process that would otherwise be quite difficult.”

Kim Davidson ~ Freeport, Maine

Estate Sale Clearwater“Dear Vivian & Sue,
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the assistance you have provided myself and my family. When I first contact you I was apprehensive about the process, but quickly you assured me I made the right choice. Throughout this on going procedure you and your staff have been polite, professional, informative and prompt. Everything promised has been performed with precision not ever
forgetting the smallest of details. It has been my pleasure to have been associated with you and your staff during this very difficult period of time. Please allow prospective clients the opportunity to contact me if they wish a reference as I would highly recommend your company.
Thanks again for being there.”

John G. Pitton ~ Seminole, FL

Estate Sale Clearwater“Dear Sue & Vivian,

Just wanted to thank you for handling our Estate Sale so professionally. We were very pleased when we came home to an almost empty house!

The money we made was more than expected so that was great too. We thank, and our children thank you, they were saved a lot of work by us doing this at this time in our lives.”

Thanks again,

Frank & Joanne Myrice

Estate Sale Clearwater“To Whom It May Concern;

This letter is to express my satisfaction and recommendation with Organizing Life Services. I live out of state, and did not know who would be a good choice to conduct an estate sale. Organizing Life was given to us by a family friend. Once I made the initial call, I could tell by our conversation that we had made the right choice.

Vivian Heckman sent us a contract to sign indicating the steps to conduct an estate sale. Each step on the contract was achieved and completed in a timely manner. When preparing the home for the estate sale, Organizing Life Services was friendly, dedicated, hard working and kept the homeowner the primary focus. Organizing Life Services made contact with local representatives to sell unique items. Susan Porter informed the neighbors of the estate sale and indicated there may be congestion in the street during the estate sale. Organizing Life Services proved to be competent and trustworthy.

I highly recommend Organizing Life Services to manage an estate sale.”


Patrick R. Clark