Sorting through a lifetime of furniture, gifts, and sometimes even clutter is no easy feat. It's even more difficult when you're going through a major upheaval, loss, or need to let go of items imbued with meaning and memories.

We take a tailored approach to each of our clients, bringing a deeply empathetic touch to some of life's most bittersweet moments by helping you appraise, organize, sort, price, and sell your items so you can confidently begin a new chapter in life. 

Estate Sale

The loss of a loved one is a tumultuous and emotional time, and families often find themselves in the position of needing to sell or liquidate the estate. This process can feel overwhelming for grieving family members, especially if you live in a different state.

We conduct estate sales on the family's or estate owner's behalf, acting with compassion for the family and treating each item with the utmost respect. We will carefully stage the home for sale and conduct the sale at the home location, minimizing the cost for our clients and maximizing the proceeds from the sale.

Because we have developed a renowned reputation in the Greater Tampa Bay Area over the past 12 years, we have a diverse following and a broad network that enables us to reach a large audience. This exposes the estate sale to more people, saving time, and earning our clients more than if they conducted the sale themselves.

We pride ourselves on being able to sell any and all items, including smaller items such as countertop appliances, utensils, and tools that would be too time- and energy-consuming for family members to sell piece-by-piece.

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Downsizing Sale & Moving Sale

Life brings with it many new chapters, like the kids leaving the nest, reaching retirement age, or moving into a new home. If you're ready to start a new chapter by downsizing or moving, our Downsizing Sale and Moving Sale services are similar to Estate Sales, except that not every item is included in the sale.

Our clients decide which items they don't want to take along in their move, and we will take care of all the organizing, staging, and pricing of items to be sold.

We take our signature professional approach by conducting the sale on-location to maximize your proceeds and minimize the costs and admin associated with moving items to another location. In addition, our credible network of industry contacts perfectly positions us to get the best prices for your unwanted items.

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Full House Liquidation

Home and contents liquidation can be intimidating, but there's no better way to increase your cash flow quickly and start anew.

Although we aren't real estate agents, we've worked closely with some of the best real estate sales agents in the Greater Tampa Bay Area for over a decade. This enables us to facilitate the sale of your home along with all of its contents—providing empathy and sensitivity throughout what is often an emotionally difficult period.

This process is particularly popular among our clients who live out of state and want an integrated offering that addresses both the big picture and the finer details. In addition, this type of home liquidation sale is done on-location to ensure a seamless process that decreases stress and increases proceeds.

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