Downsizing Sale

At some point, you or a loved one may decide that it is time to move into a smaller home (also known as downsizing). This can be a daunting task to organize and sort through years of memories and personal belongings.

The licensed and experienced professionals at Organizing Life Services, LLC, are available to assist you in the organizing and sale of your personal belongings so your items can fit into a smaller space.

We will first have a personal consultation with you to plan the sale and go through the items you wish to sell. After the plans are made, we will take over and coordinate the sale. The owners of OLS will operate the sale on-site in an efficient manner so as to maximize your profits and to minimize your stress.

During the downsizing process, you can expect us to do the following:

  • We inventory the items at the home,
  • Take photos and write descriptions of the items,
  • Sort the items,
  • Research and price the items for maximum returns,
  • Start advertising in a variety of locations including the internet,
  • Stage the items in an attractive manner to appeal to buyers,
  • Conduct the sale,
  • Clean the home after the sale,
  • Secure the empty home,
  • And finally, hand you the proceeds of the sale.

Many times due to our extensive client based attendance and expertise advertising, the sale of the home is procured during our estate sale. If you have moved out of the home prior to the sale, the key to the home can be given to OLS and we can then handle the downsizing sale completely.

If you are in the process of downsizing to a smaller home, please contact us to set up a consultation to help organize your sale.

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